Here at Box Bistro we believe the necessity of fueling a healthy lifestyle is as important as all the activities we devote our energy and time to.  Whether your lifestyle includes paleo, gluten free, dairy free or low-carb needs, Box Bistro can provide you the convenience of top-quality, fresh, clean meals and snacks to help you achieve your wellness goals. Using the tastiest local ingredients that the seasons bring, coupled with our desire to share the love of our craft, Box Bistro will provide you with the clean cuisine you need to fuel your fit lifestyle.

Featured Pickup locations

Factory Athletics and Wellness, Southington, Connecticut
Bionic Crossfit, Newington, Connecticut
Yankee Crossfit, Farmington, Connecticut


Box Bistro has made it so easy for me to eat deliciously healthy!  I eat two meals a day from Box Bistro.  Since I made the switch, my energy has increased, I have lost fat, and the best part, no shopping or cooking! Definitely the best decision for a fresh, easy, inexpensive meal plan.


"As a working parent, Box Bistro has been the answer to my sanity! There is no stress or worry about what to cook for dinner, how much time it will take to cook everything and how full of dishes the sink will be afterwards. The best part about it is I know my family will be eating a healthy meal! "


What tastes good and makes you feel good? BOX BISTRO! I am definitely a fan of Box Bistro with its ability to deliver an awesome meal plan week in and week out. It's an easy quick meal that delivers the energy that you need to accomplish your goals, whether it be hitting a new PR in the gym or just wanting to look great on the beach. I have personally seen increased energy level and fat loss, while dining on the vast variety that Box Bistro has to offer!! Box Bistro has incredible tasting products! If you don’t believe me try them yourself.